Private Label Skin Care

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Private Label Skincare

SkinTech Micro Labs will take your private label skincare project from inception to success. Each of our laboratory partners is unique, enabling you to create the exact product line that fits your venue.

Sustainable Organic Skincare Products

Sustainable Organic

Consumers are seeking skincare that supports the environment with sustainable sourcing methods.

Our nutraceutical labs use naturally derived and wild-harvested organic ingredients with no GMOs. They contain no parabens, artificial colorings, or fragrances, only active ingredients.

The treatment products include anti-aging skincare, rosacea distress, and acne treatments. There are brightening elements and wrinkle-reducing properties as well. This combination of science and nature makes our products bio-compatible and bio-available to our skin.

Medical Skincare

Medical Skincare

As medical professionals, we know that what you offer your patients must show results.

Our formulators have spent years studying, analyzing, and developing new, innovative formulas and continue to keep ahead of the latest developments in skincare.

These medical offerings target specific clinical conditions and needs, such as hyperpigmentation, rosacea, sun-damaged skin, and acne along with pre and post-treatment products. Our medical grade private label skin care products offer both medicinal and cosmetic benefits.

Luxury Wellness products

Luxury Wellness

Create an immersive experience for your guests with signature products and treatments conducive to healing and well-being. We offer treatment products that restore, relax and rejuvenate for the face and body.

All our luxury wellness products are organic, seaweed, clays from around the world and, essential oils. You can set yourself apart with innovative and holistic products and protocols that combine nature with science.


Women's Skincare Products

Women’s Skincare

Creating your own Women’s skincare line gives you the opportunity to help your clients with everything from acne to aging and anything in between. Be the expert that your clients call when they need a treatment plan that’s effective and customized.

Men's skincare products

Men’s Skincare

Now is the perfect time to develop a skincare line exclusively for men. It is the fastest-growing segment of our marketplace, and it continues to grow. Today more than ever, men are more focused than ever on their appearance and grooming. While they desire products that fit their needs, such as shaving and beard oil, they also want their skin to reflect youth and health.

Luxury Wellness products

Signature Facials

Our exclusive range of signature facials is completely dermatologist-friendly and perfectly suited for esthetician use. The formula targets various areas of skin repair and accelerates cell turnover to rejuvenate the dermal layers. The ingredients are 100% safe for application and based on extensive research that supports their usage. Needless to say, our facial products are unique and effective which is why they’re popular among customers and also worthy of giving you a competitive edge over others. You can choose from our wide range of Epidermal Growth Factor Treatments, Seaweed facial masks, body wraps, and a lot more.

Private Label Baby Products

Baby Products

If you see Mommie’s, they may have concerns about what products they put on their babies. Many of our products are organic and gentle enough for a baby’s delicate skin. We can create a line of gentle bath foaming cleansers, diaper rash treatment, oils with soothing lavender oils and, more.

Private Label Haircare products

Hair Care Products

These medical offerings target specific clinical conditions and needs, such as hyperpigmentation, rosacea, sun-damaged skin, acne, and pre and post-treatment products. Our products offer both medicinal and cosmetic benefits.

Your customers seek targeted hair care solutions that can do more than just their regular store-bought products. At SkinTech Micro Labs, we provide an impressive assortment of shampoos, conditioners, hair masks, and scalp 0ils, as well as hair growth-boosting products for hair, lashes, and eyebrows.

All our hair products contain potent ingredients derived from nature, and the lab, when combined, delivers a multifaceted effect, shinier, healthier, thicker hair.

Additionally, we also offer specialized products for pre and post-hair implantation.

Products for Medical Treatments

Medical Treatments

We know that you strive to stand out among the crowd and become your customer’s no. 1 choice. This requires your med spa to provide effective medical treatments that target various skin and hair care problems. Needless to say, each of our products is medically tested and safe to use. We also offer variations to suit different skin types such as dry, oily, and combination. At SkinTech Micro Labs, our specialists provide signature formulations, add-on treatments, and private label products to retail. These give you a greater chance to build a robust brand image and outperform your competition on a holistic level.

Our Value To You


One Stop Shop

We work to understand your market and source the appropriate lab partner to fit your exact needs.


Low Minimums

SkinTech Micro Labs works within your budget. We offer low minimum quantities and volume discounts.



We offer support with continued education and training to motive your staff, to increase sell-through.


Our Laboratory Partners

Our laboratory partners are handpicked manufacturers that deliver impeccable formulations  each with their own specialty, allowing us to support a wide range of markets, Resort Spas, Medical Spas, Day Spa, Dermatology, Plastic Surgery, and Entrepreneurs.


Design & Packaging

Once your products are chosen, we offer a large selection of packaging and professional label design.

Together We Can

Increase your visibility by building your own brand equity.
Tell your story, philosophy, expertise, and technique.
Increase profits by setting your own margins.
Separate yourself from the competition.
Create unique & exclusive products.
Increase your client loyalty.
Grow your business.
Take control.

Your success is our mission

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